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About TJD

Engineering Design

Thomas Dachtler

Thomas spent the best part of the first decade of his career working in motorsport with a small but fantastic Milton Keynes based team. Here he and the team built and ran GT and Touring cars competing with, and often beating, much larger, better funded teams. This success was born largely from an unflinching attention to detail and unparalleled mechanical sympathy. The skills and passion he learned there served him well when he moved into the machine safety and automation industry.

It was working within this industry that Thomas first gained the opportunity to turn his knowledge of mechanical principles into good design practise. Working within a design team he was instrumental in setting the company up with Solidworks to run alongside the Autocad software they were already using, gaining proficiency with both systems himself. The close relationships between the designers and manufacturing staff at the firm also allowed Thomas to learn about manfacturing principles of sheet metal, plastic fabrication and machining, furthering his ability to design for manufacture.

For 18 months starting in 2019 Thomas took on an Operations Manager role within an R&D facility. Here he was able to take on more organisational responsibilities overseeing several engineering projects, as well as managing staff and day to day operations for the business. The current climate means he also had to establish Covid safe systems of work in an unusual and challenging site.

In recent months Thomas has turned back to his passion for design and is now running TJD Engineering Design so he can bring his skills and experience to a wider audience and help you with your design challenges.

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